NewsRDT Ingenieros compra del 100% de la compañía Simulaciones y Proyectos

RDT Ingenieros has bought Simulaciones y Proyectos (, thus incorporating possibly the most important fluid dynamic calculation engineering in Spain.

RDT Ingenieros compra del 100% de la compañía Simulaciones y Proyectos

Benjamin Rosende, RDT’s CEO, with Francisco José Lara, Simulaciones y Proyectos Director

Simulaciones y Proyectos not only has a human team with more than 15 years of experience in thermal calculations and CFD fluids, and with important clients both in Spain and internationally. It is also the company that distributes and provides technical support, advanced training and custom developments of simulation software products for companies such as Flow Science (FLOW-3D®, FLOW-3D CAST®, FLOW-3D HYDRO®, FLOW-3D AM®, FLOW-3D X ®), Engys (HELYX®), and SIMCON (CADMOULD®, Varimos®).

Simulaciones y Proyectos will be integrated into the subsidiary RDT Ingenieros Madrid and from there will lead the CFD and FEM center of excellence for the entire RDT Group, forming and developing methodologies and closed projects for all the group’s offices.

Their expertise areas are:

  1. Manufacturing processes simulations: metal fencing, plastic injection, additive manufacturing, laser welding.
  2. Simulations in the industrial sector in general: aerodynamics and HVAC for automotive/aerospace, valves, industrial processes, refrigeration, Oil & Gas, energy.
  3. Simulations in the building sector: energy, interior and exterior comfort, enclosures, HVAC, fire.
  4. Simulations in the civil engineering sector: structure and hydraulic equipment, offshore, maritime, naval.

All these capabilities will be added to the RDT teams with extensive experience in calculation in different sectors such as Wind, Railway, Aeronautical and Industrial. Between both companies they will have a computing cluster with great calculation power which will allow simulations in very short times.


“Our customers are increasingly asking us for more efficient solutions, with simulations capable of calculating their most complex processes and in a shorter period of time. With the integration of Simulaciones y Proyectos we incorporate a first-class human team and work methodologies that will undoubtedly provide smarter and more efficient ways of engineering.”


RDT Engineers ended 2021 with a turnover close to 70 million euros in services and almost 1,300 engineers on staff in multiple countries.

You can read the full press release here.

From RDT we want to welcome the entire Simulaciones y Proyectos team.