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  • Trecema is a company specialising in the maintenance of data processing centres (DPCs).

  • Trecema joins the RDT corporation through Intenance Energy, a group company dedicated to air conditioning and energy efficiency in the industrial sector.


Trecema joins the global engineering solutions corporation RDT as a specialist in data centre maintenance. With a long track record in integrated data centre management, Trecema will join Intenance Energy, a company belonging to the RDT group specialising in industrial HVAC.

Trecema has an outstanding track record in Spain in data centre maintenance, becoming the official TAS of the main IT Cooling players. The integration of Trecema in Intenance Energy will allow the company belonging to RDT to reinforce its position as a leading company in the design and installation of data centres, offering a comprehensive solution in cooling systems designed for temperature control in data centres.

“Financial losses, damaged reputation and customer dissatisfaction are serious consequences that companies face if a failure or downtime occurs in their data centres,” explains Benjamín Rosende, CEO of RDT. He adds that, “with this new integration, we are in a position to offer our clients a turnkey project in these infrastructures that are nowadays critical for companies.

The data centre maintenance industry is a vital component of the digital ecosystem. Its importance is reflected in the need to ensure continuous operability, data security and energy efficiency. With the technological evolution and increasing demand for digital infrastructure, the industry will continue to develop and face new challenges in which RDT will bring high technological value to its customers.

About RDT

RDT is an innovative corporation whose field of activity is the development of advanced engineering projects, participating in projects with a high technological component where it provides flexibility in the outsourcing strategy of large companies. RDT’s mission is to provide engineering solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage based on efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Its main purpose: that engineers enjoy engineering.