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  • RDT, through several of its different divisions, is one of the main companies participating in Lehen Aukera.

  • Lehen Aukera is a programme run by the Basque employment service Lanbide to encourage the recruitment of young talent.

  • Since its creation, RDT has always sought to be an environment of growth and development for people.


The RDT corporation, dedicated to global engineering solutions, confirms its commitment to attracting young talent by being among the companies with the highest participation in the Lehen Aukera programme promoted by the Basque Government (Spain).

RDT Bilbao, Axia and Intenance in particular, which belong to the RDT group, have been very active in recruiting unemployed people under 30 or with little experience in the field of their qualifications. The young people who have joined the corporation are working in the fields of engineering projects, digital transformation and industrial maintenance, respectively.

Since its creation in 2006, the corporation has always been characterised as a courageous and transformative entity. ‘We always say that if you like engineering, are a good person, like agile environments and professional challenges, RDT is the place for you’, explains Benjamín Rosende, CEO of RDT.

Currently more than a hundred companies participate in the programme promoted by the Basque public employment service Lanbide. The Lehen Aukera programme includes a set of measures aimed at improving employability and consolidating the integration into the labour market of young people who need a first opportunity to find a job in which they can develop.

About RDT

RDT is an innovative corporation whose field of activity is the development of advanced engineering projects, participating in projects with a high technological component where it provides flexibility in the outsourcing strategy of large companies. RDT’s mission is to provide engineering solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage based on efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Its main purpose: that engineers enjoy engineering.