RDT Engineers work to an extremely high level of Quality Management, both internally and on each and every client project. Our UNE – EN – ISO9001 Certification is issued by IQNET/AENOR.

We believe that this dedication to quality, and the professional and personal development of our people, combined with our commitment to continuous improvement provides our client with the optimum level of satisfaction.

Certificado Aenor
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Furthermore, RDT has been certified with ISO 14001, which recognizes the organization’s efforts regarding the broader goal of environmentally friendly development, as well as with ISO/IEC 27001 for information security system that supports technical assistance activities in engineering and maintenance

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Quality and environmental policy

The reason for being of INTENANCE CAPITAL, S.L is to find, motivate, empower and retain the necessary talent for the maintenance and repair of the machinery and industrial assets of our customers, providing a competitive advantage based on efficiency, flexibility and costs.

Therefore, the quality, trust and satisfaction of our customers is one of the cornerstones of our activity.

We are committed to the following strategic challenges:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement, accompanying each customer in their challenges and projects.
  • The motivation and satisfaction of the individuals who are part of our teams.
  • Commitment to meet the legal and other applicable requirements of our Environmental Management System and to minimise the environmental impact of our activities.
  • And commitment to protecting the environment and to preventing pollution.

Our executive team undertakes to lead this environmental policy as a strategic plan, providing the reference framework for our current and future objectives.